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A Series About Hope


Consider the Birds

The capacity to worry escapes no one. From big things to small, worrying comes
naturally to us. When Ed was first diagnosed, his obsession with the future
interrupted his daily living. He had to find a way to live in the present and in that
found a way to find trust his future.

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"Enough is enough, God."
Have you ever felt this way?
Why do you think Ed addresses God in this moment?

Reflection Questions

"ALS taught me I’m not in control."
How have you learned this lesson?
What does it mean to not be in control?
How do you make decisions while knowing
that you cannot control the outcome?

The General Reporter

"I didn’t want to know what was going on."
When have you had to let go of your plans for the future?
What was the result? Where was God in that result?

News of San Fran

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